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New Home Warranty Information

RCA Builders Inc Current Home Owner(s) Service Area

What’s the Value of a New Home Structural Warranty to Me?

  • Experience - RWC has been in the warranty business for over 30 years and has issued warranties on over 3 million homes. More importantly for you, we’ve managed the dispute resolution process between the homeowner and the builder on thousands of homes over the years.
  • Strength - Warranties issued by RWC are insured by Western Pacific Mutual Insurance Company, A Risk Retention Group (WPMIC). WPMIC specializes in new home warranties and, in fact, does not write insurance for any other unrelated risk. The financial strength of the company – over $100 million in surplus equity – dedicated for new home warranty resolution means you don’t have to worry about the insurer behind your warranty going out of business because of either man-made or natural catastrophic losses (hurricanes, oil spills, etc.).
  • Resale Value - Your home is warranted for the duration of the warranty period selected for your home by your builder. If your home is sold during that warranty term, the balance of the warranty transfers automatically to the next homeowner. That transferable warranty is an excellent marketing tool for you to potentially increase the value of your home to prospective buyers.
  • Protection - When your builder selects an RWC warranty for your new home, you are being given a written and insured commitment that your home will be free from specified defects. Your RWC warranty is independently written and administered apart from your builder. Regardless of what the future may hold for your builder, your warranty remains in place for the duration of the warranty period. The average cost to repair a structural failure exceeds $30,000. Having a warranty in place on your home means that warranted structural components will be repaired without causing you serious financial hardship.
  • Expert Second Opinion - Even with a written warranty, builders and homeowners don’t always see eye-to-eye. If a dispute arises between you and your builder regarding whether or not something should be considered a defect, the warranty document can be a valuable measuring stick’ for evaluating the issues. You benefit from third-party assistance with warranty issues. The warranty standards included are based on accepted industry practices. The process to get the warranty company involved to mediate your dispute and determine coverage is spelled out in your warranty book.